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Xiamen Stone Fair 2015 – Rongguan, China

2015-06-11 18:58:20 阅读[]

        As the direction of the global stone industry demand, China Xiamen International Stone Fair was concluded smoothly on March 9th. The annual Stone Fair is not only a great communication event but also an arena of creativity. Quality is the foundation of a brand, while the creativity on the booth is the best interpretation of a brand.

        For the design of the exhibition hall, Rongguan displayed it in the form of a noble, fashionable and elegant stone art, so that the visitors could feel the skillful application of high-end stone closely.

        As a China famous trademark, Rongguan specially selected the most representative products, like the quartz stone, one of the principal materials for the countertops, customized in diversified shapes, as well as the art of solidification formed by an integration of various colors, the art of mosaic with fashionable style, and the picture effects filled with natural breath and enthusiasm, bringing a great shock to the visitors.

        By taking advantage of Xiamen Stone Fair 2015, Rongguan has strengthened the integration of various resource advantages, and constantly improved its core competitiveness. With the popularity and reputation of Rongguan Glass Material for Building Co., Ltd. formed over more than twenty years, Rongguan has gained great attention and praise from the social public and the media.

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